Moto X Style (Pure Edition) vs. iPhone 6 Plus – Gizmag


Motorola's flagship phone has gotten bigger every year – to the point where this year's Moto X Style (or "Pure Edition" in the U.S.) is more a rival to the iPhone 6 Plus than to the smaller iPhone 6. Let's break down how the two … Continue reading

Xperia Z3+ and Z4 Tablet NOT heading to Canada | Xperia Blog

If you are in Canada and were hoping to get your hands on either the Xperia Z3+ or Xperia Z4 Tablet, then we've got some unfortunate news. Sony Mobile Canada has confirmed that it has “no current plans” to bring either … Continue reading

Google to Seed New Version of Google Glass to Select … – Droid Life

According to sources of the Wall Street Journal, a new version of Google Glass is already out in the wild, soon-to-be worn by select professionals in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. This new version will not … Continue reading

Xiaomi is reportedly gearing up to launch a Windows 10 tablet …

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer that recently partnered with Microsoft to bring Windows 10 Mobile to the Xiaomi smartphones is reportedly planning to launch a Windows 10 tablet sometime soon. The report comes from Pan … Continue reading

If Taxis Had Apps, I Wouldn't Use Uber – Doug DeMuro – Kinja


So I'm sitting in the back of an Uber the other day. It's a Nissan Altima, the last-generation model, the one where it looks like the rear tail lights were styled using the rare Photoshop feature More Turn Signal. The driver is … Continue reading

Android Developers Get Two New Ways to Beta Test Apps | Droid Life

Two years ago, Google introduced beta testing for Android app developers that allowed them to open new features and versions of their apps to users through closed groups on Google+. That beta testing method, even though … Continue reading