Wait, I Thought This iPad Game Was About Graphics, Not Feelings


Powered by the Unreal Engine, I figured I was in for a very pretty iPad game with relatively little substance — a graphical showcase with minimal heart. I couldn't have been more wrong. The game opens on a dying Carson … Continue reading

The last of the great Twitter apps – Kottke.org

There are fewer third-party Twitter applications in active development than there used to be, since Twitter built its own clients, clamped down on apps that "replicate Twitter's core user experience," limited the number of new … Continue reading

Turn Your iPhone Charger Into a Portable Backup Battery – Gizmodo


… your phone running all day. Sometimes outlets can be hard to find, and for those times the NomadPlus is here to help–transforming your iPhone's standard charger into a portable 1500 mAh battery for back power on-the-go. Continue reading