Android M Feature: Settings Now Have Dark, Light, and … – Droid Life

We have had the Android M developer previewed flashed on a Nexus 5 for all of five minutes, but we are already noticing fun little tweaks that Google has made since Lollipop. For one, the bright white settings menu on stock … Continue reading

Google introduces competitors to Apple Pay, Photos, HomeKit + new …


The company also announced a new Photos app with unlimited photo and video syncing and iOS support, as well as a number of other iOS app announcements. Head below for a roundup of everything Google announced … Continue reading

Google Now on Tap Brings Smart Multi-Tasking to Android M | Droid …

Part of Android M is a major enhancement to Google Now, Google's smart-as-hell automated assistant service, called Now on Tap. With Google Now on Tap, the new piece to the Now puzzle, you can get Google Now help … Continue reading

Google Photos is Official and Available Today, Free … – Droid Life

Google went ahead and made its new Photos app/service official today during the I/O keynote. With Photos, you get the Google+ Photos experience, but as a stand-alone service for all to use, with free, unlimited storage. Continue reading

Google Makes Android Pay Official, Coming to a Phone … – Droid Life

As rumors suggested, Google announced Android Pay this morning at Google I/O. With Android Pay, users can sync all of their debit cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards inside one service. At a partnered merchant, users can … Continue reading

Android M Developer Preview Will be Available for … – Droid Life

Google has announced a whole bunch of features of the Android M Developer Preview, which we have detailed here. But what about devices? Well, they also announced that it will be available on the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, … Continue reading

The Android M Developer Preview is coming for the Nexus 5, 6, 9 …

… Nexus soon. If you have a Nexus 5, 6, 9 or Player, you'll be able to download and flash an Android M Developer Preview in short order, and while it's focused on developers to get acquainted with the new version, we're sure a few enthusiasts will be taking a peek as well. … I highly doubt it. With as many users that still use the Nexus 7 v2, Google would be ridiculous to not update it to M. It's not like M has any super new features that the Nexus 7 v2 couldn't handle. Continue reading

Google Announces Android M Developer Preview, Here … – Droid Life

Google just announced the Android M Developer Preview and thanks to this image that was put up at the I/O keynote, we can see almost all of the new features included. Things like better text selection, custom Chrome tabs, … Continue reading